Artist Summary

Genres: Rock / Folk / Blues


His father is a singer/songwriter from Liverpool/England, who was a guitarist and band member of the Australian band Max Merrit and the Meteors. 

Steve's Story

In his early years in London (Henley), Steve formed the band Endever, which was supported by the all-star band The Dolphins (with members of Brand X, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac). He later worked with Robin Lumley (Brand X) on projects at Alley Cat studios/Reading.

While living in England, Steve also played principal characters in professional theater musicals, such as Broadway’s “Hair” (US cast-European tour), “Godspell,” and a rendition of The Who’s “Tommy” at the Apollo Theatre in Oxford. 

Steve Cooke also performed for Prince Charles, William and Harry at the Beauford Polo club/UK for the Charkravarty cup.

In the United states Steve has garnered nationwide airplay for his songs “Radio” and “Working for the USA”. He is performing regularly with some of the best musicians in the world at renowned LA venues and has headlined the prestigious LA BritWeek Rock’ n Roll shows for the past 4 years with supporting musicians like Steve Ferrone & Sons of Cream. He is currently collaborating with Frank Simes (guitarist for roger daltrey and musical director of 'the who' on a new symphonic page&plant project).

Steve also performs in Europe, where he’s enjoyed airplay with his song “Live for the Moment”, "Radio" and "Change is Gonna Come". VOX/RTL TV (BIGGEST GERMAN TV STATION) screened twice a 10 minute DOCUMENTARY/reality show on Steve's new song "california Girls like to RnR" including a live performance from hollywood, which aired to over 3+ Mil viewers twice.

Steve is a seasoned 12 and 6-string guitar player and is currently representing Gibson Les Paul 12 string, which he is playing at his local shows.

Steve is currently in the process of recording his new album, with his single “rock'n roll is back” due for release in 2018.



2017 "When the Light is Green"
Produced by Michael Bradford (Richie Sambora, Kid Rock, Dave Stewart) and written by Steve Cooke. On drums Mickey Ututaonga, 12 string guitars and vocals by Steve Cooke, bass, additional guitar and keys Michael Bradford.
The song is dynamic, powerful, great for driving and romance. 

2016 "California girls rock and roll" 

Steve's acoustic 12 string is the base of the song and the power house chorus is driven by his electric 12 string Gibson Les Paul, adding the rocking undertones to the track together that gets everyone to sing along.

2014  ”Change is Gonna Come”

Steve Cooke’s single for 2014. Highly acclaimed producer Kevin Dorsey produced the all star band at Paramount studios in Los Angeles. The lineup features Sam Sims (Michael Jackson) on bass, Tommy Organ (Michael Jackson) & Ricky Rouse (Bobby Womack) on guitars, Michael White (Whitney Houston) on drums and Daniel Moore (Jennifer Hudson) on keys.

2013 "Nothing Matters"

Steve Cooke released a new recording of "Nothing Matters", featuring LA guitarist Jeff Kollman on lead guitar.

2012 – Working for the USA (W4USA)

Steve Cooke’s single “Working for the USA”, was commercially released on Sept 3rd 2012. It won best song in Americana at the Hollywood Music and Media awards  in 2009 and the album won Best Album at the Malibu Music Awards 2012. . “w4USA” features Robbie Burns (Dave Gilmour, Pete Townshend, Jon Lord, the Dolphins, Ian Paice) on bass and  on backing vocals. The song is featured already with front cover on the FMQB radio sampler & news and is impacting on Triple A radio.

The video features musician like Jeff Kollman on guitar, Steve Stephens on drums, Marcus Brown on bass and Laura Wilde on guitar

The  album “Working for the USA” (release date Sept 22nd 2012) was recorded with Phil Rudd  in Phil’s studio in Tauronga/New Zealand (tracking Phil Rudd, produced by Steve Cooke & Maurice Cook). One of the songs of this album, “Live for the Moment”, already achieved national airplay on National Radio, More FM in New Zealand and stadium airplay during Rugby and Cricket games internationally. “Live for the Moment” also broke a Radio airplay record in Germany.

2010 – 2011 Radio/Paramount Sessions (Adam lambert & steve cooke)

Steve recorded  a  studio album for a label at Paramount recording studios in Hollywood California (mixed at the House of Blues studios/CA). For this album “Radio” (produced by 2x Grammy award winner Bob Cutarella ), Steve is backed by an all star band including Monte Pittman on guitar), Phil X on lead Marcus Brown on bass & keys, Steve Sidelnyk, and Niki Haris on backing vocals. This album later got bundled with Adam Lamberts album by the label and was released as “The Paramount Sessions” in late 2011. ”Paramount Sessions” achieved album of the month in Germany with Antenne 1 and gained airplay all over Germany in early 2012. Steve Cooke’s song from the original album “Radio” achieved airplay in the United States already earlier.2 videos have been made featuring some of the above musicians (Radio & Gravity)Videos

2012 – 2017 Mercury Feather (Steve Cooke & Monte Pittman)

Steve Cooke has co-written an album with guitarist Monte Pittman (The Mercury Feather project). The first single “Bad Girl” got released for Madonna’s Superbowl performance and already had airplay in Los Angeles. The second single “Need your Love” was released later in 2012, featuring Indian American actor Jay Tavare in the video.A full album of all songs will be released later in 2015.


Steve is a voting Grammy member and member of ASCAP